Cyber Security Glossary

The Cyber Security Glossary has been presented during the international Cyber Security and Defence conference - ITTE 2011.

In occasion of the international conference TechNet Europe & ITTE 2012, AFCEA Czech Chapter and Police Academy of the Czech Republic published first official Czech Dictionary on Cyber Security under ISBN 978-80-7251-378-9. This issue was published under patronage of National Security Authority of the Czech Republic and new National Centre for Cyber Security. In July 2012 the first electronical PDF version was published under ISBN 978-80-7251-377-2.

In 2013 we extended and updated first version of the Glossary and created The second edition, which was published by AFCEA Czech Chapter and Police Academy of the Czech Republic under ISBN 978-80-7251-397-0.

In 2014 the Czech republic implemented new Cyber Security Law. As a reaction to new legislation in year 2015 we extended and updated the glossary and the authors in cooperation with AFCEA Czech Chapter and Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague published third edition under ISBN 978-80-7251-436-6.

In 2019, a modified fourth edition was published as part of the Cybersecurity Working Group, but it was not published as a book.

In the years 2020 - 2021, the dictionary continued to be expanded and updated, including with regard to new Czech and European legislation and the updating of some standards and norms. In 2022, the Czech branch of AFCEA, Center for Cyber Security, z.ú. under the auspices of the National Office for Cyber and Information Security and with the professional support of the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, they published the fifth updated and expanded edition under ISBN 978-80-908388-4-0.

The electronical version (v. 5.23 - 11.10.2022) is available here PDF.


On 14th February 2014, on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the DICTIONARY OF THE YEAR competition, organized by the Czech Union of Interpreters and Translators (JTP), the evaluation committee made up of professional translators and interpreters from the Czech Republic and Slovakia and other experts, awarded the electronic version of "Czech-English and English-Czech Cyber Glossary" the Jury Award for an electronic dictionary. A total of 91 titles were submitted for the competition.

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